This website is designed to complement a book project that’s currently in its early stages. Future After 50, the book, when published will guide those over 50 (of course!) through their later years, foretelling how technological and societal changes will impact the life we have left to live.

Author Steve Outing is currently in the research phase of the project, and is looking for experts to add to his roster of interview subjects.

Are you a topic or industry expert who has an eye on the future of aging? Perhaps you work in an industry (transportation, healthcare, leisure, retail, housing, technology, etc.) that will have a major impact on the lives of people over 50. Perhaps you’re an academic expert or researcher, or an entrepreneur whose work will touch older people in the years ahead.

If you’ve got a story of the future to share that’s relevant to older adults, please reach out to Steve using this website’s Contact page.

Top photo credit: Fotolia