Science fiction of old promised us flying cars by now. (See The Jetsons.) Well, we’re getting a bit closer.

In Dubai, Volocopter of Germany just demonstrated its drone air taxi for the first time, showing that for those of us over 50 the “flying car” might be something we experience in our lifetimes. The Volocopter air taxi probably won’t be available for hire for several more years, and the test flight was executed with no living humans on board.

For those of you looking forward to flying cars in your lifetimes, consider this test run as an indicator of what’s probably ahead:

  1. You probably won’t be “driving” or piloting a flying car. It’s more likely that it will operate autonomously. Human pilots would be more prone to mishaps (likely fatal in midair) than an artificial intelligence operator.
  2. Pilotless air taxis or shuttles are more likely to become available than flying cars for individuals (unless you’re very wealthy). You can imagine the chaos of many private flying cars zooming around a city, but a limited number of highly regulated air-taxis or -shuttles is more workable, and more acceptable to regulators.

But you have to wonder: Would many people be willing to put their lives under the care of a robotic pilot? Take the survey below and tell us how you feel about drone taxis.

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September 26, 2017

Top video credit: Volocopter